Digital Panel: The Future of Music – Getting the Most From Digital Distribution

From the decline of physical to the rise of digital and the change of ownership to access, the consumer’s view of music is changing rapidly. Faster, more nimble, broader, digital media can be delivered and marketed worldwide.  Creators need to understand how to get their tracks distributed, the various business models of the digital outlets, and how labels and distributors are joining forces to create a global network.

Tommy Borscheid, Senior Director, Client Acquisition & Retention At ORCHARD will give us feedback on his experience as well as recent highlights on the deal signed between The Orchard and French label Naïve.

30 minutes talk followed by 30 minutes question period

*Panel fully sponsored by the French Embassy

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Location: Maker Space North Date: May 31, 2015 Time: 9:30 am - 10:30 am rsz_tommy_borscheid_headshot Tommy Borscheid