IanKeteku Ian Keteku

Ian Keteku is a poet and multi-media artist. A self-described word sorcerer, he conjures new realities, all in an attempt to better understand our existence. Keteku, the Ninja Turtle fanatic is also an internationally acclaimed spoken word poet. He is a national slam champion and the 2010 World Poetry Slam champion.

He uses his art to inspire messages of peace, action and critical thought. Believes poetry is the universe’s way of showing us the beauty in emotion, the similarity in experience and the art of living.

Keteku explores themes of revolution, race, lust and loss. He is the creator of a genre-bending amalgamation of down-tempo instrumentals with poetic lyrics, a sound he coined as “Poetronica” (Poetry + Electronica).

The Calgary born Keteku was raised by Ghanaian parents, this upbringing heavily influences his art. His work follows in the lineage of ancient African storytellers by paying homage to the past and revisiting themes and lessons from previous generations. In addition, Keteku is a devout practitioner of Afrofuturism; a philosophy of projecting the black experience into a celestial, technological future.

As a video artist, he has directed, and produced many thought-provoking poetic films, which have been screened internationally. He conducts poetry, writing and performance workshops for students of all ages and various community groups, inspiring people to accept the power of their own voice.


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