pierre-oimc Pierre Chrétien

Pierre Chrétien (b. 1978) is a Canadian composer of new music combining jazz with contemporary classical and popular styles from around the world. He has completed a Masters of Music (M.Mus.) in composition and theory in 2009 at the University of Ottawa, where his major studies have been with Dr. Steven Gellman and Dr. John Armstrong. Chrétien has had many of his works performed by leading Canadian musicians, including a String Quartet, a Saxophone Quartet, a Piano Suite, and a Duet for Double Bass and Piano. His first major orchestral work, Tezeta, was recently performed by the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra, alongside compositions by Dmitri Shostakovich and Béla Bartók. He is also an international touring jazz pianist, composer and arranger, having performed in over twenty countries worldwide as leader of his own group, the Souljazz Orchestra. As a student, he was the resident pianist for both the University of Ottawa and the Carleton University jazz ensembles, and has now worked for years as an in-demand accompanist and session musician in the Ottawa region, playing in several different idioms (i.e. classical, jazz, soul, funk, afro, latin, reggae, blues, folk, gospel, country, rock, punk, house, electronica.)

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